Welcome To The Mostly Organic Gardening Guide

“Gardening is any way that humans and nature come together with the intent of creating beauty.” – Tina James, 1999img_1

The average homeowner may use dozens of potentially harmful chemicals in the garden to treat pests and diseases and to fertilize plants. However, there is a growing awareness that many of the chemicals we use in our yards over the long run may negatively affect the health of our loved ones, pets, and neighbors. Additionally, these chemicals can degrade the environment and generally do nothing to contribute to the overall health of our plants.

This website is designed as an introduction to organic gardening for the average homeowner. We recognize that many gardeners simply don’t have the time, money, or energy to invest in a fully organic garden. Organic gardens can take time to establish and require a certain amount of dedication.

However, you can have big impacts on the environment and the health of your family and neighbors by using even just a few organic gardening techniques at home. We also hope that once you start using organic gardening techniques, you will find that they are actually easier and more effective than you ever imagined.

If you do have the time and energy to go organic and stop using chemicals in your yard, we feel that this is the best way to ensure a healthy yard, a healthy family, and a healthy environment. However, if you even take just a few of these basic steps to reduce your use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, you’ll be making a significant impact on your health and on the environment.

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